Spotlight: Renovation

One of the reasons people choose condominium living is that it frees them from the actual work of on-going preventative maintenance and the inevitable task of replacing major support systems like a water heater, roof, driveway etc. as they reach the end of their productive life.

Through the Board of Directors, the planning and execution of on-going maintenance as well as long-item large project renovation at the Carlyle are the responsibility of building management and the Long Range Planning Committee.

Together, they oversee a 30-year "to do list." The itemized list comes from a comprehensive study of The Carlyle's repair and replacement needs by an industry specialist firm (Reserve Advisors). The study was completed in 2008 and is updated about every four years. Funding for the items on the list is voted on each year as part of a State of Ohio mandated business practice for community associations like The Carlyle.

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A Practice Of Continuous Improvement

The Carlyle has a robust history of on-going improvements in infrastructure and amenities to support the investment each suite owner has in their home.

The Revetment:
In the past 40 years we've witnessed the slow erosion of our property overlooking Lake Erie. In order to address this, built a revetment that would not only hold back the effects of weather on our shoreline, but also offer us a park-like setting to enjoy picnics, sun bathing, fishing and larger group events. Completed in 1996, the revetment makes The Carlyle the only property of its kind on Lake Erie where owners, residents and guests this kind of access to the lake.

Project 2000:
To usher in the new millennium, The Carlyle redecorated some of the common areas, including some furnishings in the main lobby and party rooms and carpeting in several areas including residential and new street signage was on Lake Avenue. This gave us an updated, more current and stylish look that supported property values and our image as a Gold Coast neighborhood residence of choice.

The Master Plan Project:
An owner-driven task force was established in early 2003 to thoroughly review all aspects of the property and recommend changes that would enhance owners' property values.

After several years of intensive research, the group's recommendation led to major infrastructure improvements as well as more visible and tangible enhancements:

  • Replace/repair garage parking deck surface
  • Restore outdoor pool
  • Replace north tower electrical buss duct
  • Comprehensive renovation of the lobby and residential corridors (see below)
  • Significant landscape enhancements
  • Replace steam boilers
  • Add equipment and refurbish exercise room

Lobby Renovation:
We are particularly proud of our lobby renovation. The original lobby had classically elegant look, consistent with the property's namesake - The Carlyle Hotel in New York City. The space was completely re-designed in 2010 by the Cleveland-based and nationally known, interior design firm Jorge Castillo and Associates. The results of the extensive renovation (the lobby was closed to all traffic for four months) set a new standard for design excellence and esthetics that cannot be found at any other property in the area.

All of these improvements represent a significant investment in the property by the owners. Collectively, they have increased the property value for each Carlyle homeowner, made our homes a more beautiful and safer place to live, and reduced long-term operating expenses.

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